Valentina: Hand Knit Wool Knee-High Sock — "Tell Your Feet the Cold War's Over"

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The Valentina takes a traditional Blocsock pattern all the way up to the knees. This limited-edition sock has tie-offs at the ankle and collar to insure a snug fit. The traditional wool in the Valentina is minimally-processed and extra thick.

It is warm and durable, making it a perfect slipper for hardwood floors and cold winter nights. Every single pair of Blocsocks is unique. We hand-knit each order using patterns that have been passed down in Bulgarian families for generations and wool that comes from the fields near our small village of Patalenitsa.

Blocsocks help keep alive our country's tradition of knitting, while bringing income into Bulgaria's rural villages. Thanks so much for your support. Enjoy the socks!

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